In The Blue Moonlight by H. Lewis-Foster

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Release Date: 11 November, 2014

A bottom bared to a local bobby means a night out Simon will never forget.


“BOLLOCKS.” Chris laughed, scooping a handful of peanuts from a bowl. “A boring old fart like you would never do something as daft as that.”

“Thanks very much.” Simon tried his best to look offended, but he knew his best friend was only joking. Or at least he hoped he was, and to be fair his story was rather bizarre, but it was completely and cringingly true.

“Give us the details then.” Chris chomped noisily, with his usual lack of table manners. “Where did you say you were?”

“High Street. Outside the town hall.”

Simon couldn’t have picked a more public place for his unlikely moment of madness. He’d been out for a drink with his younger brother, Sean, and his student mates. Simon hardly knew most of them, but they seemed a pleasant bunch and they’d had an enjoyable time in one of the town’s more civilized pubs. They’d had a few beers, but none of them were drunk, so Simon couldn’t use inebriation as an excuse for his behavior.

People of all ages and sartorial styles were ambling out of bars and pubs, under the watchful eye of half a dozen members of the local constabulary. A small rural town, Lenford wasn’t known for its anti-social behavior. Indeed, when a creative youth had painted a cock and balls on a bus stop, it made the front page of the Evening Gazette. Needless to say, the culprit was caught and swiftly dispatched to make amends with a bucket of soapy water.

So it was wholly out of character for Lenford, when the town council’s deputy head of finance turned to Sean’s mates and said, “Do you know what I’ve always wanted to do? I’ve always wanted to moon a policeman.”

The teenagers looked at their friend’s responsible brother in astonishment, and Simon wished he could take the words that had popped out of his mouth and stuff them straight back in. Then a mischievous grin spread from face to face, and a voice piped up, “Go on then. Why not?”

IN THE BLUE MOONLIGHT is also a part of the BOLLOCKS! Anthology

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1 review for In The Blue Moonlight by H. Lewis-Foster

  1. Saguaro Moon Reviews
    4 out of 5


    “In the Blue Moonlight was a very cute, funny and amazing story. I laughed and cheered both the main characters. The twist that the story took from a potential indecent exposure arrest to an HEA was absolutely amazing and the fact that, with the encouragement from Simon, that Mark came out to those he worked for made me almost cry with happiness. Thank you H for sharing the story with us.”

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